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DISCONTINUED. The Animation Kit is a Limited Edition Parallax product (500 units) created to easily add lighting, sound, motion and human sensing to your holiday hack. Because there’s never enough time, holiday animations must be quick to envision, assemble, and program. That's where BlocklyProp comes in!

The BlocklyProp visual programming environment speeds the coding significantly by using simple blocks in your pseudocode concept to do the following: play *.wav file sounds from an SD card; choose and fade colors on the NeoPixel rings; control servos; and activate the project with a PIR sensor. These sound, motion and lighting activities can be done in parallel using the Propeller Multicore Microcontroller. The Propeller Activity Board WX is the perfect platform for this kit, while the Propeller FLiP module is great for animation projects that must fit into tight spaces. 

What goes into creating a project? Take a look at our Spooky Doll and Metronome as examples. You may want a soldering iron, foam core board, a box-cutting knife, hot glue and paint. If you have access to school or maker space shop equipment such as 3-D printers or laser cutters, even better! The satisfaction of successfully hacking a toy, pumpkin, or holiday decoration will become apparent when your friends and relatives see what you’ve achieved.

Share your projects online with #AnimationKit.   We look forward to seeing what you create!


  • Great addition to the Parallax Activity Board WX
  • Includes a motion sensor for input
  • Provides light, motion, and sound output
  • Drive the speaker directly or with the included transistors
  • All parts can be controlled by BlocklyProp

Application Ideas

  • Motion-activated holiday decor
  • Stage or movie set props
  • Interactive art projects


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