ELEV-8 v3 Prop Guard Kit

  • 80310: ELEV-8 Prop Guard Kit - assembled view of one boom
  • 80310: ELEV-8 Prop Guard Kit - unassembled kit contents view
  • 80310: ELEV-8 Prop Guard Kit - one of four assemblies in kit
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Discontinued. Strong but lightweight propeller guards help reduce damage to your ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter and surrounding objects while you are learning to fly.  The robust, three-dimensional design puts the outer rim at propeller level - not just above or below it like 2-dimensional “universal” guards.

At low speeds, the Prop Guards may lightly bump into a stationary object, such as a wall or pole, reducing the likelihood of shattering the propellers.  In a higher-speed collision where damage to the propellers would be unavoidable, the guards help transfer impact to the booms lessing damage to the motors themselves.

Each guard assembly is made of seven pieces that thread and snap together, no adhesive needed. Attach an assembly to the end of each boom, either during the initial build process or on an existing, fully assembled ELEV-8 v3 quadcopter. The video on this page shows you how.


  • Custom designed for 11-inch propellers on the ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter
  • Kit includes guard assemblies for all four booms, with mounting hardware
  • Made in the USA from laser-cut homopolymer
  • Strong 3-D design attaches above and below boom
  • Entire kit weighs only 190 grams (6.7 oz)
  • Easily added to an assembled ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter
  • Quadcopter diagonal dimension when installed: 89 cm (35 inches)

NOTE: The Prop Guard Kit is NOT a safety device. The Prop Guard Kit CANNOT prevent all property damage nor is it designed to prevent injury to operator or bystanders.  Know and follow all applicable laws, safety precautions, and good UAV citizenship practices.


Kit Contents

  • (8) - Nylon-core lock nuts, #4-40 (#700-00024)
  • (4) - 1.5-inch #4-40 screws (#710-00008)
  • (4) - Prop guard outer rim (#721-80305)
  • (8) - Prop guard inner spoke (#721-80306)
  • (8) - Prop guard outer spoke (#721-80307)
  • (4) - Prop guard top hub plate (#721-80308)
  • (4) - Prop guard bottom hub plate (#721-80309)


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