Spektrum DXe Transmitter with AR620 Receiver

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The Spektrum DXe Transmitter System is an innovative entry-level transmitter & receiver combination that's extraordinarily simple to use, and comes ready to control your ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter right out of the box.

Basic programming features such as servo reversing and trim adjust can be easily made with the transmitter. More advanced parameters, including stick configuration, wing type selection, expo on/off, and model setup import can be quickly changed with a mobile device or PC.

Once saved to your PC or mobile device, you can upload the setup for a specific model to the DXe with a simple point and click. You can also use the interface to upload pre-programmed setups for Bind-N-Fly® aircraft.

The Spektrum DXe Transmitter System (Spektrum #SPM1005) includes the DXe 6-9 Channel Transmitter, AR620 series 6-Channel Receiver, and 4 AA-batteries for the transmitter.

Key Features:

  • No setup required for use with ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter - just calibrate the Parallax GroundStation and fly!
  • Wired and wireless trainer compatibility - great for those learning to fly or second pilot for accessories
  • Very easy and intuitive to use - spend less time learning how to use it and more time flying
  • Dedicated flight mode switch - clear labeling helps avoid confusion
  • Throttle kill switch - great for classroom-type environments (can be disabled in software)

Application Ideas:

  • Control your ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter
  • Fly a wide variety of Bind-N-Fly aircraft

Note: Programming is not necessary for use with the ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter. However, if you wish to program your DXe Transmitter, a programming cable is required (Spektrum #SPMA3065 or #SPMA3081), available for purchase from many Spektrum distributors. Free programming software is available from Spektrum for PCs running Microsoft Windows, and Apple and Android smartphones. See Spektrum's DXe product page for details (link in "Additional Resources" section, below).

Note: This product comes with non-rechargeable batteries. Optional rechargeable batteries (such as Spektrum #SPM9527 and #SPMA9603) are available for purchase from other Spektrum distributors.

IMPORTANT: By default, the "Motor/Thro" switch will set throttle to -130% in the "Disarm" position. For ELEV-8 Flight Controllers with firmware before version 1.0.4, this will NOT fully stop the motors - you will still have to disarm the ELEV-8. For firmware versions 1.0.4 and later, it will immediately stop the motors (if you switch it back to "Arm" within 1.0 seconds, the motors will re-arm).


DXe Transmitter Specifications:

  • # of Channels: 6 to 9, depending on configuration (7 channels are usable with the ELEV-8 v3)
  • Modulation: DSMX
  • Band: 2.4GHz
  • Modes: User Selectable Mode 1-4
  • Battery Type: 4 AA-batteries (included)

DXe Transmitter Default Channel Assignments (when used w/ Parallax ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter):

  • Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder - channels 1-4
  • 3 Position "Flight Mode" switch - channel 5
  • Momentary Push-Button "Bind/Panic/Trainer" - channel 6
  • 3 Position "Flap" switch - channel 7
  • 2 Position "Aux" switch - not mapped
  • Hi/Low Rate switch - can be disabled in software
  • Momentary Push-Button "Wireless Trainer Bind" switch - can be disabled in software
  • 2 Position "Motor/Thro" "Arm/Disarm" switch - can be configured or disabled in software


(AR610 Receiver formerly sold alone as #80206)


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Spektrum AR610 Receiver Manual - 859.12 KB | updated: 18 Feb 2016 - 12:06 pm
Spektrum DXe Transmitter Manual Addendum - 752.25 KB | updated: 18 Feb 2016 - 12:02 pm
Spektrum DXe Transmitter Manual - 11.5 MB | updated: 18 Feb 2016 - 12:00 pm
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