Small Robot Chassis

  • 700-00022: Small Robot Chassis for Boe-Bot and ActivityBot
  • 700-00022: Small Robot Chassis for Boe-Bot and ActivityBot
Product ID: 700-00022
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This sturdy aluminum chassis is the central hardware for our Propeller ActivityBot robots, BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot robot, Robotics Shield Kit (for Arduino) and our cyber:bot robot with micro:bit. We offer it here as a replacement part, or for your own custom-designed robotics project.

Key Features

  • Durable yet light-weight chassis has numerous holes and slots for mounting robot drive and control systems
  • Rectangular cut-outs fits all of our Continuous Rotation Servos, including the Feedback 360° and original High Speed
  • A 4-cell AA, 5-cell AA, or Boe-Bot Li-Ion Pack-Charger battery pack fits inside
  • Shaped to mount a 1" Tail Wheel Ball (#700-00009)with a single 1/16" cotter pin 9#700-00023)

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