LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor

  • 605-00009: LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor
Product ID: 605-00009


Discontinued. The LPG Gas Sensor, when used with our Gas Sensor Board (#27983), is designed to allow a microcontroller to determine when a preset propane gas level has been reached or exceeded.  Interfacing with the sensor+board is done through a 4-pin SIP header and requires two I/O pins from the host microcontroller. This product combination is mainly intended to provide a means of comparing propane sources and being able to set an alarm limit when the source becomes excessive.

Key Features:

  • Uses the MQ-5 LPG Gas Sensor
  • Plugs into our Gas Sensor Board (#27983) for convenient prototyping
  • Compatible with most microcontrollers

Application Ideas:

  • Safety Devices (harmful gas detection)
  • Environmental Monitoring

Precaution: Be aware that high concentrations of propane can be deadly. Always be careful to perform gas tests in well-ventilated areas. This LPG Gas Sensor Module in not designated for or approved for any application involving health or human safety. This LPG Gas Sensor Module is for experimental purposes only; Parallax Inc absolves itself of all liability and responsibility associated with the customer’s use of this LPG Sensor Module and is not responsible for any bodily injury, death, or property damage as a result of using this LPG Gas Sensor Module.

Note: This sensor, paired with our Gas Sensor Board (#27983), replaces our discontinued LPG (Propane) Gas Sensor Module (#27932). Please note that on boards labeled 27983 pin 2 is active-high, and on boards labeled 27904, 27930, 27931, and 27932, pin 2 is active-low. 


  • Voltage requirements: 5 VDC
  • Current requirements: ~175 mA
  • Interface: 1 TTL compatible input (HSW), 1 TTL compatible output (ALR)
  • Dimensions: 1.50" H x 1.00" W x 1.00" D (38.1 mm H x 25.4 mm W x 25.4 mm D)
  • Operating temp range: 32 °F to 158 °F (0 °C to 70 °C)

Note: Parallax does not provide gas calibration data on the module and such data and alarm setting is the responsibility of the user to define. For information on user calibration please see the documentation.

Downloads & Documentation

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Gas Sensor Modules Product Documentation - 136.8 KB | updated: 07 Jan 2013 - 8:03 pm
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