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ActivityBot Encoder Kit

  • 32501: ActivityBot Encoder Kit
  • 32501: ActivityBot Encoder Kit mounted on an ActivityBot
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Product ID: 32501


Discontinued. (May we suggest upgrading your ActivityBot to Feedback 360° High Speed Servos - no encoder kit needed?)  This kit is offered as a replacement for maintaining the original ActivityBot Robot (#32500) with its High Speed Continuous Rotation servos. These external encoders equip the ActivityBot to make consistent maneuvers, when paired with the ActivityBot Wheels and Tires.  The encoder sensors mount next to the wheels, emitting infrared light and detecting reflections as the spokes pass by. 

Key Features:

  • Modulated infrared sensors reduce interference from ambient light
  • Socketed encoder cables connect to the robot's breadboard or the servo headers
  • Mounting hardware and resistors included

Application Ideas:

  • Dead-reckoning exercises
  • Solving mazes
  • Mapping paths of travel

Note: Each original ActivityBot Robot Kit #32500) already includes the ActivityBot Encoder Kit. This kit is offered for replacement parts, or for your custom uses.  The ActivityBot 360 Robot Kit does not need these external encoders, as it features Feedback 360 servos with internal encoder sensors.


Key Specifications

  • Voltage requirements: 5 VDC
  • Current requirements: 60 mA
  • Communication: Active-high (Vcc = reflection detected)
  • Operating temperature range: +14 to +140 °F (-10  to +60 °C)

Kit Contents:

  • (2) IR reflective sensors
  • (2) Encoder cables
  • (2) 20 k-ohm 1/4 W resistors
  • (2) Encoder mounting brackets
  • (2) #4-40 x 1/4" black machine screws

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