SumoBot WX Board

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The SumoBot WX board sports a socket for the Propeller FLiP Multicore Microcontroller Module (#32123), providing power and I/O and connections to the wide array of on-board peripheral sockets and headers. Clear labelling, status indicator LEDs, and on-board piezospeaker support successful project building and operation.

Designed specifically for the SumoBot WX Robot Competition Kit (#32134), the board's corner mounting holes align with the SumoBot chassis.  3-pin servo ports and an onboard boost regulator support robot locomotion.  Additional headers and sockets accommodate sensors included in the Competition Kit, as well as optional accessories.

The WX socket accepts a Parallax WX ESP8266 WiFi - DIP module (#32420D) for optional wireless programming and communication.

  • DIP socket for a Propeller FLiP Microcontroller Module
  • DIP socket for a Parallax WX ESP8266 WiFi Module - DIP
  • Designed with mounting holes aligned for the SumoBot robot chassis
  • Built-in ports for servo motors, QTI Line Sensors, IR LEDs/receiver pairs, and PING))) Ultrasonic or LaserPING distance sensors

This board is offered as a replacement part for the SumoBot WX Competition Kit, but may also be used for custom robotics applications.


Key Specifications

  • Sockets and headers (items not included)
    • Propeller FLiP Multicore Microcontroller Module (#32123)
    • Parallax WX ESP8266 WiFi Module - DIP (#32420D)
    • PING))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (#28015)
    • LaserPING 2m Rangefinder (#28041)
    • (4) QTI Line Follower sensors (#555-27401)
    • (2) Parallax Continuous Rotation Servos (#900-00008)
    • (4) Infrared LEDs (#350-00003)
    • (4) Infrared Receivers (#350-00039)
    • MX2125 Dual-axis Accelerometer (#28015)
    • (2) additional 3.3 V 3-pin auxiliary ports
    • (2) additional 5V 3-pin auxiliary ports
  • Power input: 4.8–8.4 VDC 5.5mm OD/2mm ID center-positive barrel jack
  • Voltage regulator: 5V, 350 mA boost regulator
  • Operating temperature: -4 to +185 °F (-20 to +85 °C)
  • PCB Dimensions: 3.07 x 3.15 in (78 x 80 mm)

See the SumoBot FLiP WX Product Guide and board schematic for additional information

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SumoBot WX Board Schematic - 282.31 KB | updated: 14 Aug 2020 - 10:15 pm
SumoBot WX Board Guide - 826.3 KB | updated: 17 Aug 2020 - 9:48 am

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