Boe-Boost Module

  • 30078: Boe-Boost Power Module
  • 30078: Boe-Boost Power Module with Battery Installed
Product ID: 30078



The handy Boe-Boost Module increases the battery capacity of the Boe-Bot to five AA cells. This yields a 6 V nominal output voltage from five 1.2 V rechargeable batteries, an economical and eco-friendly power solution. Or, set the Boe-Bot robot’s servo voltage input jumper to VDD (5 VDC) and use with five 1.5 V AA batteries (7.5 V total)  for a longer servo run-time at a consistent speed.

Key Features:

  • Holds one AA cell battery to add to your existing power pack  
  • The module snaps into the Boe-Bot robot's standard battery pack - no tools are required  
  • Allows you to use five 1.2V rechargeable batteries, or five 1.5V alkaline batteries  
  • By using more batteries, you can discharge the cells further, allowing for a longer run time and extended life before replacement is required 

Application Ideas:

  • Add extra battery life to your Boe-Bot Robot


  • Measurements: 2.25 x 1.25 x 0.625 in (58 x 33 x 16 mm)

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