2AAA Battery Holder with JST Connector and Power Switch


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Product Description

2AAA Battery Holder Overview:

This 2AAA battery holder is an essential accessory for powering your micro:bit modules, and can serve as a replacement for those included in Go and Club bundles. It is also compatible with the Edge I/O Adapter for micro:bit. The battery holder’s JST connector fits snugly into the board receptacles in only one orientation, so it cannot be plugged in backwards.

The case’s lid slides open and comes off to fully access the battery compartment within, then slides and clicks back into place easily. Installed batteries are held in place with springs and fully enclosed. An integrated on/off switch in the case allows you to connect and disconnect power to your project without having to repeatedly plug and unplug the cable. So convenient!

2AAA Battery Holder Features:
  • Attached plug connects directly to micro:bit modules
  • Integrated On/Off switch
  • Accepts two 1.5 V AAA batteries for a 3V supply
  • Compartment lid keeps batteries enclosed and in place
Application Ideas
  • Power micro:bit projects without a USB connection
  • Supply 3V power to the I/O Edge Adapter for micro:bit
2AAA Battery Holder Specifications:
  • Battery cell accepted: 1.5 V AAA
  • Battery capacity: 2
  • Output with batteries: 3 VDC
  • Case material: black plastic
  • Case dimensions: 2.5 x 1 x 0.625 in (6.35 x 2.54 x 1.59 cm)
  • Cable length: 6 in (15.24 cm)


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