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DB-Expander Daughterboard-to-SIP

  • 28325: BASIC Stamp DB-Expander Daughterboard-to-SIP
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Product ID: 28325


The DB-Expander provides the means to use daughterboards, designed for Parallax’s motherboards, with solder-less breadboards and other Parallax products.

Key Features:

  • SIP header on 0.1” centers for easy interface to solderless breadboards  
  • SIP pin out plug-compatible with various Parallax products  
  • Plug-compatible with Parallax daughterboards 

Application Ideas:

  • Interface Daughterboards to the Board of Education
  • Connect a PropCAM-DB to the Propeller Demo Board
  • Experiment with the TCS230DB Color Sensor using the Professional Development Board

Note: Compatible with the BASIC Stamp 2pe Motherboard (MoBo) and the Daughterboard Extension Cable.


  • Power requirements: 5 V
  • Dimensions: 1 3/8 x 5/8 x 3/8 in (35 x 16 x 8 mm)
  • Operating temp range: -32 to +158 °F (-0 to +70 °C)

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