Parallax GroundStation Software for Mac

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Parallax GroundStation Software for Mac

Download Summary

Groundstation for Windows also available, here.

The Parallax Ground Station software works with the ELEV-8 Flight Controller Firmware and ELEV-8 v3 Quadcopter for configuration, diagnostics, and live telemetery of sensor data. It's a great tool for educators and students exploring the physics principles of flight dynamics, as well as for the developer or hobbyist experimenting with custom applications.

This page is for official releases of the Parallax Ground Station software for Mac.  This file should stay synchronized with the correct version of the ELEV-8 Flight Controller firmware. For interim releases and the source files (experiment at your own risk!) see the open-source project on GitHub.

Download Version & Details

Version 2.0.1

Original release for Mac.

  • Use with ELEV-8 Flight Controller Firmware v2.0.1
  • Requires Mac OS X
  • Open the .dmg file and drag the icon to your desktop or applications folder. May require you to allow the application to run in your system>security settings
  • Requires the most recent FTDI driver to be installed.
  • Features
    • Compatible with Flight Controller connected by USB cable or XBEE wireless module
    • Live display of in-flight telemetry data (with optional wireless module)
    • Standard aircraft style gauges & meters display key sensor information
    • Testing of Flight Controller features, including buzzer, led and motors
    • Graphical display of live sensor data, including gyro, accelerometer, altitude, pitch, roll, yaw and battery voltage
    • Configuration of radio receiver type (PWM, SBUS, PPM, RemoteRX and Spektrum Satellite)
    • Configuration of radio mode 1 or 2
    • Options to re-assign radio channels and reverse signals
    • Advanced adjustments and limit settings, including roll, pitch, yaw and thrust angle
    • Calibration of throttle settings and radio-transmitter offsets
    • Calibration of gyro and accelerometer sensor data
    • Advanced control of throttle limits and arm/disarm delays
    • Battery voltage monitor control, including alert level and audible alert control
    • Open Source Software available in Qt (Using Qt Creator 5.4 or higher)
    • Able to save and load flight controller preferences

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