Figure 1 Using BlocklyProp for Custom Applications – Part 1 of 3 by guest contributor Carol Hazlett

Carol Hazlett is an active contributor on the Blockly for Microcontrollers Facebook Group. She writes for Servo Magazine and is an active participant in Parallax live webinars and events. What we really like about Carol is her clarity and practical approach to microcontrollers, along with some of the very unique projects she’s created with walking robots, drones, and time-lapse photography. I asked Carol if she’d be interested in producing a few articles for our web... More

Robotic Art Library Displays S3 Robots Drawing Their Way Into Elementary School Programs: These educators are recognized by Parallax for their contribution

I recently came across two stories from educators who are using the Parallax S3 robot and Blockly with middle school students. Both teachers contributing their time and expertise warrant our highest recognition. Ask any engineer if there was a teacher or class that they really enjoyed when they were younger. For my generation it favorite subjects were woodshop, metalwork, or maybe computer programming. Today, though, we’re starting to see careers that were inspired by... More

Unpopulated FLiP prototype PCB FLiP modules coming out of manufacturing at Parallax: We will be taking orders soon!

Lots of excitement in the office today as our production FLiP modules emerged from our surface mount assembly line. We have a bit of characterization to do and we’ll be ready to accept your orders!

What’s the FLiP module all about? Take a look at the FLiP product page for specifications, but think about the reasons that captured the attention of early adopters and the Parallax team:

Student-built BlocklyProp-controlled robot BlocklyProp in College Courses: Feedback is much greater than we expected!

BlocklyProp is turning out to be very useful in college-level courses. Today I received the following message:

My name is Jordan Meyer, and I am a professor of Electronics Technology at American River College. I teach several classes, including beginning and intermediate robotics. Recently, while I was evaluating several robot controllers for my robotics class, I came across the Propeller chip, and I was very impressed.

The... More

John Kauffman’s post Blockly and Scratch Have a Strong Future in Education - and five reasons why educators should use it!

Parallax’s BlocklyProp efforts were just validated by research - for the first time, a visual programming language (MIT’s Scratch) has made the TIOBE “Top 20” with over a half-million new users each month. Most of these new users are elementary school students in STEM education programs. This means we’re going to have a wave of visual programmers coming to... More