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Announcing New Partnership Between Parallax and California Invention Convention

  • By: Parallax Insider Published: 19 January, 2019 0 comments

The Parallax Team is proud to announce a new partnership with the California Invention Convention. Both Parallax and the CA Invention Convention equip children with requisite tools and skills to bring to life inventive solutions.

The CA Invention Convention champions invention education as a tool to advance creative problem solving in the classroom. In asking children to identify and solve problems in their communities, students invest themselves in the invention process—employing programming skills, engineering techniques, marketing plans and more to bring their idea to fruition.

For all the dedicated work students commit to their projects, they don’t lose heart. Danny Briere, CEO of the STEMIE Coalition, attests “One of the great things about kid inventors is they’re very empathetic. They’re usually inventing to solve a problem for their parents, their loved ones, [or] their best friend.”

In partnering with the CA Invention Convention, Parallax continues its mission to equip students’ robotic geniuses. Parallax’s products go hand-in-hand with invention education—robotics and coding lay at the heart of many students’ inventions!

As part of this partnership, Parallax will be producing an invention kit based on the current FLiP Try-it Kit, which has been adopted in many classrooms to explore inventing with electronics. Programmed using BlocklyProp or C language, the kit allows for students to begin learning the basics of electronics and programming to transfer those skills to expand into product development. The Invention Kit will be supported by free programming platforms, tutorials and tech support.

About the California Invention Convention
California Invention Convention (CAIC) is an initiative to bring invention education into California schools and to celebrate the young inventors with a state-wide event. Since 2016, almost 150 teachers around the state of California have been trained to include Invention Education in their classroom. The CAIC has held three state-wide Invention Conventions, growing to 130 young inventors representing their schools at the 2018 California Invention Convention hosted by Maxim Integrated in San Jose, CA. In 2018-2019, over 3,000 students will be participating in their classrooms – and they are expecting 200 inventors to be invited to the 2019 Invention Convention hosted by Maxim Integrated. California Invention Convention is a 501(c)(3) affiliate of the non-profit STEMIE Coalition.
About Parallax
For over 20 years, Parallax, Inc. has produced popular robotic educational products for middle- and high school curriculum. Parallax's specialty is in microcontroller education with a focus on circuit building, embedded programming and student-oriented projects. The company's tutorials are designed to meet Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, using multiple languages, like BlocklyProp and C programming. The company designs and manufactures the Propeller Multicore Microcontroller, along with sensors, educational robots, motor controllers, laser and ultrasonic sensors, RFID readers, RF devices and IoT hardware.
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