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LaserPING 2m Rangefinder Module Released!

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 01 February, 2018 0 comments

2m Time Of Flight Sensor is Compatible with PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor

We’re now shipping the new LaserPING. Order yours today.

With the simple 3-pin interface our customers have come to expect, the new LaserPING 2m Rangefinder Module is ideal for taking high frequency distance measurements with a 100% compatible interface to the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor. Like all of our leading products, this is made in our Rocklin, California facility and includes Parallax’s legendary support and warranty.

When compared to the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor, the LaserPING Rangefinder is ideal for measuring off a wider variety of surfaces, taking high-speed measurements, and if the user prefers to serial interface. Of course, the Ping))) Ultrasonic Sensor works to 3m distance.

A quick look at the two sensors together:

Ken Gracey, CEO