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Chromebook support for BlocklyProp! Parallax’s BlocklyProp is now available for the Chromebook operating system.

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 25 July, 2017 0 comments

For many of our educators, this may be the most important news they receive about Parallax’s robotics products. The installation link is right here:

Install the BlocklyProp Launcher on my Chromebook!

Our developer Jeff Martin recorded a developer’s perspective just before he finished the project. Take a look into the Chromebook-to-Propeller communication. The serial stream is captured during a download:

If you follow our news stories you’ll see that we deliver on almost everything we discuss. Six months ago we mentioned Chromebook support for BlocklyProp - and it's available in time for Fall. Achieving this goal was technically difficult. It took equal efforts from Matt Matz, Jim Ewald and Jeff Martin in their respective areas of expertise. The team worked in parallel with Google engineers while they published updated Chrome OS releases - essential to making the Parallax system work. Parallax is also listed on Google’s Built with Blockly web page.

The release of BlocklyProp Launcher for Chromebooks advances the Parallax resources to one of the most complete set of tools in education. We can now meet more of your requirements in education. Our vertically connected system begins with Scribbler 3, and continues with ActivityBot, and the FLiP module!

  • Robots under $200 for a one-student per robot model, with real electronic components and sensors.
  • Blockly support for a multicore embedded microcontroller, the Propeller.
  • COPPA-compliant registration for students 13 and younger.
  • Free access to our cloud-based
  • Professional development courses around the USA.
  • Tutorials, assessment material and projects for elementary through university levels.
  • Chromebook support!

The real value is only determined by the students - something you need to see to understand.

As always, tell us exactly what you need via or just pick up the phone and call us on the Educator Hotline at (916) 625-6801.

Sincerely, Ken Gracey, CEO