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Customers Applaud BlocklyProp: Fall semester promises to be the most exciting ever for our students and teachers

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 13 July, 2017 0 comments

Parallax is amidst the most amazing changes in our robotics and microcontrollers education program. The customer feedback around our new BlocklyProp tools has been more positive than we expected. There’s nothing quite like hearing it from another educator, so I’ll simply share this message from John Agostinelli today.

If you’re ready to get started with Parallax but need a little support with the myriad of solutions out there, just call our Educator Hotline at 916-625-6801. Matt or I will answer the call personally, listen to your situation, and point you in the right direction.

Ken Gracey, CEO

I recently attended Parallax’s BlocklyProp Training course and was blown away. As an educator, I always appreciate how thoroughly vetted and documented Parallax material is. It makes is so effortless for an educator to pick up programming and robotics. My students have been introduced into the joy of robotics for over a decade using Parallax robotics kits. In my opinion they are second to none in their thoroughness of teaching: electronics, electricity, wiring, and programming. Their BlocklyProp kits take this to a whole new level! Students can be up and running in no time.

The most difficult part of teaching programming is the first few weeks. This is when many students get frustrated by difficult programming language, and are turned off from programming. The Blockly platform is perfect for teaching programming. Students get instant functionality out of their robots while learning important aspects of programming like variables, frequency, timing, etc. It provides better stepping stones than traditional programming classes.

The beauty of Blockly is that students are programming right from the beginning. Their isn’t the disappointment for students that are poor at typing or have difficulty understanding the logic of programming. With Blockly, they get it right away.

Blockly and Parallax is a perfect combo. The system works so well for differentiated instruction. Struggling students will see results early while picking up programming logic; simultaneously advanced students can toggle back and forth with the C screen to further develop their programming arsenal.

Thank you Parallax for making learning so easy. Every company in the world should do customer support like you do. Parallax actually lays out tutorial sheets for every command and component they utilize. I am not talking techie lingo that doesn’t make any sense either. I am talking clear to follow instructions with examples and explanations. Simply amazing. In addition, when you call the help desk, you get to talk to a real person!

Parallax robots are engaging. I once had a teacher come visit my class during our robotics section and they couldn’t believe how totally engrossed the students were into their robots. They were rushing me to get role done so they could start work, and then rushed off to get their robots, and immediately started working. All without a word from me. This visiting teacher was absolutely amazed.

John Agostinelli
CRANE Coordinator Engineering Pathways
Mather, CA