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BS2 substitution recommendations for EOL SX-based BASIC Stamp microcontroller modules

  • By: Tech Support Published: 20 May, 2016 0 comments

For those who don’t know me, I am Chris Savage, an Engineering Tech at Parallax Inc. I work in both the Engineering and Tech Support departments. You may have called into Tech Support before and spoken to me. I'd like to share some information on the EOL of the SX28 and the subsequent EOL of the BASIC Stamp 2e and BASIC Stamp 2sx modules.

We recently announced a last call on the EOL of the SX28 MCU. This EOL created a subsequent EOL on products made using the SX28.

With the discontinuation of the BS2e and BS2sx there is a need for those using them in applications to find a suitable replacement. When it comes to module form of the BASIC Stamp Microcontroller the change is much easier. If you’re using an OEM implementation please see the end of this article.

If you're using a BS2sx you can safely switch to the BS2p24. Similarly, if you're using the BS2e you can safely switch to the BS2pe. Both substitutions are slightly faster than the ones they replace and most of the timing dependent commands have the same resolution. There are a few commands that may be affected. Please see the table below for the differences between the two modules and how they may affect your application.

Note: The BS2p-series models have more memory, commands and features than previous models.

The specifications and commands below are paired next to the recommended replacement model. BS2e to BS2pe and BS2sx to BS2p. Commands with an * after them have differences that may affect existing code using that command.

BS2 Substitution Table

OEM Implementations of the BS2e and BS2sx 

The recommended replacement models are listed along with the differences that may affect applications. For OEM the BS2e and BS2sx came in an SSOP-28 package. Since the SX28 is no longer available you would need to change to the SX48, only available in a 48-pin QFP package. The larger footprint requires more space on your board, so please keep this in mind when updating existing designs.

Please see the following links for the correct interpreter chip for your application: 

If you have additional questions, contact me directly. You can also send an email to directed to my attention.

Chris Savage, Engineering Tech

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