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Attention Early Adopters and Developers: Program a Propeller 2 on an FPGA Development Board

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 12 April, 2016 0 comments

Order a Propeller 1-2-3 Cyclone V A-9 FPGA Development Board for $475

The Propeller 1-2-3 Cyclone V A-9 FPGA Development board (Parallax #60065) is our official development system for the Propeller 2. We aim to find developers who want an early crack at the Propeller 2 and would be willing to share tools and source code examples with our R&D team.

Get one of these boards by calling our Sales department at 888-512-1024 (M-F, 8AM-5PM, PDT). Price is $475 each. This is our second build of 18 units. The limited run will not be available for purchase online as a regular product.

The heart of this board is the Altera Cyclone V A-9 FPGA with 301,000 logic elements and 12.2 Mbit SRAM. And the Propeller 2 uses 98% of the available resources of this FPGA. ​

All the resources for this board are in the Propeller 2 section of the Discussion Forums. Currently the Propeller 2 is programmed in assembler with Spin. More languages will be added in the future. Analog functions don't run in the FPGA as they are designed in our schematic and will be integrated with the digital design prior to manufacturing. The silicon is targeted at 160 MHz but you can run this board up to half speed (still enough for video).

Some of the features of the board include:

  • Six high speed 8-bit DAC channels
  • 32 MB SDRAM
  • (4) pushbuttons
  • (16) green LEDs for general purpose
  • (8) red LEDs show which Propeller 2 cog is running
  • (2) VGA connectors
  • (64) digital I/O pins
  • Breadboard and three expansion connectors

We can do another production run if we run out, but keep in mind we could be out of stock for several months.

 - Ken Gracey, CEO,  Parallax Inc.