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Introducing Matt Matz, STEM & Robotics Educator: A person who understands school systems, standards, and how to communicate Parallax to other teachers

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 21 August, 2015 4 comments

In July we made a very exciting addition to the Parallax team, Matt Matz. Matt is a well-spoken, calm and professional addition to our team. He’s currently sitting among our education team with Andy, Stephanie, Courtney and Julia. He’s come up to speed really quickly and we felt it was time to introduce Matt to our customers. I asked Matt to tell us a little about himself.

I grew up in Minnesota, not very far away from Fargo, ND. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather who was a master electrician. Fortunately, my parents never got too upset when I started taking everything in the house apart to try to figure out how things worked.

I had a few amazing teachers in high school, who inspired me to become a teacher. I met my wife Heather in college and after graduation, we moved to her home in Oregon. I taught middle and high school science for 5 years, and although I loved teaching, I moved into school administration. From there, I spent five years as a high school assistant principal and then two more as an elementary principal.

I kept up with electronics as a hobby, and I was shopping for parts when I came across the posting for a STEM educator here at Parallax. I've been here for six weeks, and I still think that getting hired here was like winning the lottery! It is awesome to work here - along with the electronics, getting to wear a t-shirt to work is an awesome job perk! My daughter loves playing with robots, too - joining Parallax has been a great transition for us as a family.

I am excited to begin working with teachers who want to give their students an inspiring science, technology, engineering, and math education. I want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to be successful Parallax products in your classrooms.

-Matt M

Matt is actively working towards making the Parallax robotics program a California UC-certified class for high school, preparing standards-correlated curriculum to accompany our tutorials, and interfacing the Raspberry Pi to our robots. If there was a missing need at Parallax, it’s exactly what Matt is doing: making it as easy as possible for educators to integrate our robots into their STEM courses.

Please make a post below and welcome Matt to your Parallax team!

Sincerely, Ken Gracey


Working with Andy, Stephanie, Courtney and Julia - what a rough assignment! ;-) Your clearly fallen in with a bad lot.

All the best at Parallax - I look forward to following your work with the team! I have always found them to be the most helpful, professional and generous folks around. Working there seems more vocation than occupation.

Tell them to hurry up and get a pile of S3s ready! Love the photo of you and ARLO!

Visit my blot at to find out about me - I am pretty regular on the forums too!


Wellcome Matt! Parallax is an amazing place for research, science robotics and teaching! Not need to tell something about Ken Gracey!!!! Some people are born to be leaders and inspire the others.

ARLO is an amazing OPEN robot and has given us a lot ideas for our projects!

Welcome, Matt . We (Santa Ana High School) have been building/using custom robotic vehicles with Parallax microcontrollers continuously for about 20 yrs. Whereas up in the Bay area there has been a lot of Parallax, Inc. support in organizing competitions, there hasn't been any attention to Orange Co. Competition is the spice we need to motivate high school student interest in programming and robot design, and I hope with you're coming on board in education you might pay a little attention to us down here. We along with Cerritos H.S. and some volunteers from Boeing have been running a small regional spring competition (4 schools our biggest) for over a decade, but it would help to be a bit bigger to insure continuity. Have a look at our club site ( to see how we've run this. It's important to understand that high school teachers have little discretionary time, and little funding, so "small is beautiful" and K.I.S.S. must rule. I'm looking forward to see what you and your team do. -- Gary Reynolds

Hello, Мatt!

I congratulate!
Pleasant work, good mood, success!
I too the professional teacher and the electronician. Wish to cooperate?