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Now Available to Preview - What's a Multicore Microcontroller? Chapters 1-6

  • By: Education Published: 09 July, 2015 4 comments

With the release of the ActivityBot and the Propeller C Learning System, Parallax set a goal to provide more entry-level support for our customers. Part of this goal was to create a modernized, C-language version of What’s a Microcontroller?, the well-loved introductory BASIC Stamp programming text we introduced over 15 years ago.

Several months ago, Parallax CEO Ken Gracey promised our customers that we were close to releasing Chapters 1-6 of the new What’s a Multicore Microcontroller? (WAMM, as we tend to refer to it), and we are pleased to make good on that promise today.

This sneak-peek release of chapters 1 through 6 introduces electronics, circuit-building, and programming concepts in tandem through hands-on activities, and though it closely parallels the original, there is a chapter dedicated to multicore programming specifically. Andy Lindsay is working hard on finishing the last chapters of the book in between events in his summer Educator Course schedule; completion is anticipated before the end of this year (2015). This preview version is available as a free PDF download, and the example C programs are available to download as well (see links below). To get you started on the activities in Chapters 1-6 we’ve also released the Propeller Activity Kit Parts (#130-32950), which includes all of the components need for the activities (Propeller Activity Board and programming cable sold separately).

We’d like to offer a huge thank you to our community for your patience these past few months.

Educators, there will be a detailed Teacher’s Guide written by customer John Kauffman, released soon for these initial 6 chapters.

Happy programming!

-The Parallax Education Team


I really like the ActivityBot, but it would be nice to have a study guide similar to Robotics with the BoeBot.

Hello John, thank you for this comment. It takes years to properly develop and test some of these resources as I'm sure you can appreciate. 

Please tell us which aspects of the Boe-Bot documentation you'd really like to see produced for the ActivityBot. I think you're interested in detailed explanations of how each project works, how the Propeller Multicore runs the code, etc. It would help us to know if it's for personal use, classroom, or another type of audience. If you have a few moments please provide more detail and we'll see if we can work it into our plans. 

Ken Gracey, Parallax Inc.  

I downloaded the "What's a Multicore Microcontroller", but would be nice to have a general robotics guide similar to "Robotics with the BoeBot" but for propeller activity boards, with more resources than the learn site. Also, do you have code examples for roaming with "ping" ultrasonic distance sensor with mounting bracket?
Thank you, John