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New Lightware Optoelectronics 25-100m Laser Rangefinders: Reliable and affordable distance measurement up to 300 feet!

  • By: Ken Gracey Published: 15 January, 2015 0 comments

Lightware Optoelectronics has introduced three more laser rangefinders - in 25m, 50m and 100m models. Parallax has followed their efforts closely as these products were developed with some visibility on our discussion forums. Review the “From Hobby to Professional” forum thread for some background. 

We’ve got three models to choose from. Each model offers a different maximum measurement distance:

  • SF10-A Laser Rangefinder - 25m
  • SF10-B Laser Rangefinder - 50m
  • SF10-C Laser Rangefinder - 100m

The sensor outputs data in several convenient communication protocols - serial, I2C or analog voltage. And each sensor is in the same form factor, so Parallax will produce a high quality aluminum mounting bracket you can use on your UAVs, quadcopters and robots.

When new products like this arrive at Parallax, technical people gather around with enthusiasm. They’ll pass around the sensor, talk about what the projects they have in mind, and move in a herd to see it work. The Lightware Optoelectronics laser rangefinders meet our highest demands for quality, consistency and reliability.

To demonstrate these out of the box, simply hook them up to Lightware’s terminal program or Parallax Serial Terminal using the micro USB cable. Or, you can use a microcontroller as a serial pass-through device. If you want to access the SF10’s analog output, you only need to know that 2.56V is the voltage for the sensor’s maximum distance. For the SF10-C 100m Laser:

(100m)/(2.56V) = 39.06 m/V

If you read a voltage 0.18 V:

(39.06 m/V)(0.18 V) = 6.88 m

Complete code listings are coming for Propeller, BASIC Stamp and Arduino for each sensor.

We provide a full warranty for these lasers, too. If it turns out you are unsatisfied you may return them for a full refund to Parallax, for any reason.

I’m looking forward to putting my SF10 Laser Rangefinder on an ELEV-8 Super Quadcopter to do some data collection at high elevations!

Ken Gracey, CEO