Board of Education - USB

  1. 9V Battery ClipCollapsed
  2. Barrel JackCollapsed
  3. Voltage regulatorCollapsed
  4. Power Indicator LEDCollapsed
  5. Servo headers (X4 and X5) and Power Select JumperCollapsed
  6. Power header (X3)Collapsed
  7. BreadboardCollapsed
  8. I/O Pin Access Header (X2)Collapsed
  9. AppMod header (X1)Collapsed
  10. Reset ButtonCollapsed
  11. 3-Position Power SwitchCollapsed
  12. Socket for BASIC StampCollapsed
  13. USB Programming ConnectorCollapsed

BASIC Stamp Resets when Connecting USB

When you connect your BASIC Stamp to a PC using a USB-based development board or adapter, the PC's operating system typically resets the BASIC Stamp several times as it tries to determine if a new plug-and-play device was just connected.

Each time a BASIC Stamp is reset, all program variables are cleared, and the program starts from the beginning. For tips on writing programs that have variable values that you do not want to lose when you connect your board to the PC, see the article USB Resets BASIC Stamp.


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