Professional Development

Professional Development Courses

The course was a great introduction to robotics, no prior knowledge is needed. It bridges the unknown of computer science, programming and robotics in an easy to understand way.
- Robert, 9th-12th grade Mathematics teacher
Ontario, CA

Hands-on, immersive Professional Development courses equip you to bring robotics, electronics, coding, and physical computing to your classroom. Courses may be hosted and led by either our Parallax Educators, or by one of our Partner organizations.  Every course includes:

  • Starting-from-scratch software and hardware setup, no experience required
  • An introduction to circuit-building on a breadboard using real-world electronic components
  • Beginner-level physical computing and best coding practices
  • Step-by-step subsystem testing and troubleshooting to build engineering skills
  • Certificate for continuing education clock hours

Each course is built on one of the four Parallax platforms listed below.  Choose the option that's best for your classroom. Not sure? Call our Educator Hotline and we will help you find the right fit.

Robotics with BlocklyProp: ActivityBot 360° & Propeller

These courses include an ActivityBot 360° robot with a Propeller controller. The visual BlocklyProp language makes it easy for first-time programmers to learn electronics and coding concepts and quickly progress to powerful projects and real-world applications. See the ActivityBot with BlocklyProp Tutorial Series.

Robotics with Python: cyber:bot & micro:bit

This course includes a cyber:bot robot with a micro:bit controller with a fully-accessible broadboard for circuit building. Program in Python to add a hardware dimension to your CTE or cybersecurity program. See the cyber:bot Tutorial Series.

Robotics with Arduino: Shield-Bot & Uno

This course includes the Robot Shield with Arduino Uno, providing a robotics and electronics foundation for or Arduino-based tech programs. Hosted in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, this robot is also supported by our Shield-Bot Tutorial Series.

Inventing with BlocklyProp: Beginning Electronics & Coding

Join Parallax instructors to explore introductory electronics and coding aligned with Invention methods. Each attendee will receive an Invention Kit, ideal for educators who are interested in teaching STEAM concepts to enhance science fairs and invention competitions programs.