Educator Hotline

Educator Hotline (916) 701-8625

Parallax hosts a hotline just for educators that provides direct, one-on-one communication with a member of our educational team.  Our hotline is available before and after school hours because  want all members of the scholastic community to call us whenever it is most convenient.  Learn about what products Parallax offers, ask us questions, or gain insight into new ways to invigorate your learning environment - we want to hear from you.

Why do we do this? The hotline opened as a temporary feature in early 2016 and was met with an incredibly positive reception. For us, being able to directly communicate with so many wonderful educators was a truly rewarding experience.  Opening the hotline helped us understand the importance of being more available to our education community, and this led to it becoming a permanent fixture at Parallax. Feel free to ask any question you may have about our educational products or services.  We understand you might not have time to search through our sites for what you need. Call us; rely upon us as a trusted educational partner, and we’ll ensure that you get where you need to be.  Open a dialogue, and let us share in your success to make our community stronger.


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