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Our Educational Team

Part of the greater school community, Parallax’s team is devoted  to aiding teachers in providing experiential learning opportunities for their students. Empowering students to reach success inside, and outside of, the classroom creates a solid foundation for their future careers.  To this end, we write texts and tutorials, develop code, and provide free software and support to teachers across the US in any way that we are able.

Ken Gracey -
CEO and brother of founder Chip Gracey, Ken has put Parallax education at the forefront of his priorities.  Ken’s vision and direction has lead Parallax to become the dedicated educational institution it is today.  He started with the Stamps in Class series, putting Boe-Bot Robots in the hands of teachers all across the Unites States. Today, you will still find him working tirelessly with educators to ensure that they are set up for success with top-of-the-line hardware and thoughtfully-written tutorials for the classroom.

Andy Lindsay -
Engineer and author of many of the educational textbooks students have learned from over the years, Andy played the pivotal role in bringing our educational vision to life. Nearly all of what you read on our Learn website or in our educational textbooks comes directly from, or is inspired by Andy’s work.  As anyone who has ever read his books will attest, Andy’s writing is diligent and multi-faceted; he will always endeavor to provide simple functionality and thoughtful-design in his code and in his lessons.  The success we and our teachers enjoy in educator’s courses is due in large part to Andy’s influence and design, and he is a very valued member of our team.

Stephanie Lindsay -
Stephanie is the editor and author of many of the tutorials and texts we’re proud to offer online for students, teachers, and self-learners everywhere.  She is a guiding hand to the entire department, and instrumental in helping Parallax achieve its educational goals.  She lends her skills towards pushing Parallax forward by overseeing product development, asking the tough questions, and keeping our focus on the intended destination.  Stephanie is also a great point of contact for new and returning educators, as her knowledge of our history and products is beneficial when answering questions or helping educators fulfill their classroom goals.

Matt Matz -
Matt is Parallax’s STEM Education Coordinator, responsible for maintaining an official Parallax presence at educational conferences and classes and developing our educator resources.  In the office, he’s always busy coordinating the efforts of our outside contributors, interacting with our educators one-on-one, and working to optimize and grow our BlocklyProp visual programming system. Matt has taken Parallax’s educational focus to the next level, and his insight ensures that we’re always providing the best classroom solutions possible for our professional learning community.

Miguel Rodriguez -
When he’s not handling technical questions by email or supporting customers over the phone, Miguel is working hard to ensure that Educators are getting the best from Parallax.  Knowledgeable, thorough, and thoughtful he is in the thick of Technical Support.  Miguel uses his electronic’s prowess to guide others towards working solutions for their projects in classrooms and for their homes.  He is familiar with our products and how they can be used to outfit any learning environment.