Teach With: The Scribbler 3 Robot

Teach with Scribbler 3

Now in its third iteration, the popular Scribbler robot is unique among Parallax products. Fully enclosed in a damage-resistant plastic shell, it is suitable for use with a wide range of students: middle school through university. This robot is perfect for those just getting started in robotics, or those who may not yet be ready for circuit-building robots like our Boe-Bot Robot or ActivityBot robot.


The Scribbler can be programmed using a tile-based GUI software, or our browser-based BlocklyProp programming tool. These graphics-based and block-based tools allows users to easily program their robot for line-following, autonomous navigation, object detection, and more. For more experienced users, the Scribbler has a hacker port to install additional sensors and can be programmed in the text-based Spin language via the Propeller Tool or Propeller IDE software.

Get to Know the S3:

  • Fully-assembled, pre-programmed demo modes
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery included
  • Used in grades 8+
  • Programmed over USB via Scribbler (S3) GUI or BlocklyProp Programming Tool
  • Compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems
  • Uses the Propeller multi-core microcontroller
  • Built-in sensors detect objects, lines, and light levels
  • Motors, speaker and lights provide feedback

Resources for the S3 Robot:

Looking to discuss program options with a Parallax education team member, one-on-one? Call our Educator Hotline (8 am-5 pm PT, Monday through Friday): (916) 625-6801.

To set up a school purchase order or request a quote, call or email the Parallax Sales Department (8am-5pm PT, Monday through Friday): 888-512-1024 (916-624-8333 outside of US), or sales@parallax.com. Quantity pricing is available.