Tank Tread Kit Documentation

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Tank Tread Kit for the Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot (for Arduino), and Propeller ActivityBot robot kits. Includes assembly instructions and programming tips.

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28106-Tank-Treads-Kit-Documentation-v2.1.pdf188.08 KBMon, 2012-09-24 20:40

Download Version & Details

Version 3.1

Corrected assembly drawing.

Version 3.0

Documentation for the acrylic-sided kit released in February 2014.  This version includes assembly instructions for the BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot (for Arduino), and Propeller ActivityBot robots. It also includes programming tips and kit compatibility information with other Parallax robotics accessories.

Version 2.1

Documentation for the original aluminum-sided kit.  This version assumes you are adding the Tank Treads to a Boe-Bot Robot Kit, and sample BS2 code is included.