SX Source Code Archive

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Archive of source code for SX family of microcontrollers.

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SX-Source-Code-Archive.zip442.43 KBMon, 2013-06-10 11:39

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Includes the following source code files:

  • Simple FSK Generation
  • Simple FSK Receive
  • SPI Master Demo
  • SPI Slave Demo
  • SX Arithmetic Routines
  • Artificial SINE wave with Gravity
  • Software for 8-bit Sigma-Delta ADC
  • Send and Receive on a Bell202 Modem
  • Demo of Caller-ID Signals
  • Demo of DTMF Detection and Generation
  • Run I2C and UART Virtual Peripherals simultaneously
  • Use I2C slave Virtual Peripheral
  • Demo of the SX28 interfaced to ISA-XT Bus
  • How to Interface an SX Chip to an LCD Module
  • Create an 8-bit Programmable Duty Cycle
  • Demo Simple FSK Modulation Schemes
  • Clocking with SPI Devices
  • Demo modes of SX48BD and SX52BD onboard timers
  • SX Microcontroller and UART 8-bit PFM
  • SX Microcontroller and UART 8-bit PWM
  • Easily Implement UART Capabilities
  • Two Virtual Peripherals using Interrupts
  • Demo of Caller ID using Interrupts
  • Demo of FFT Implementation
  • Key Scan Virtual Peripheral
  • Make Timer Speed proportional to ISR Rate
  • VP excites Stepper Motor using Half-Step Seq.
  • Binary to Seven-Segment Display
  • Ring Detection for SX Microcontrollers
  • Run SX-Modem or SX-Demo Board