SX Application Notes

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Collection of application notes for the SX family of microcontrollers.

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SX-Application-Notes.zip1.13 MBMon, 2013-06-10 11:45

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Includes the following application note files:

  • SX28AC EMI Evaluation: EMI Results and PCB Design Considerations
  • Artificial Sine Wave Generation Using SX Communications Controller
  • SX18/20/28AC to SX48/52BD Conversion
  • SX Reset Considerations
  • Implementing DTMF Detection using the Silicon Laboratories DAA (Data Access Arrangement)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and Microwire/Plus implementation Using the SX Communications Controller
  • In-Field Programming Using the SX In-System Programming Capability
  • I2C Virtual Peripheral Implementation
  • SX52BD EMI Evaluation: EMI Results and Board Design Recommendations
  • Dual UART Virtual Peripheral Implementation
  • Eight UART Virtual Peripheral Implementation