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StampPlot Pro Software

Download Summary

StampPlot Pro Software installer, for use with Process Control and Getting Started with XBee RF Modules tutorials

File NameSizeUpload Date
122-28176-StampPlot-Pro-Install-v3-85.exe18.69 MBMon, 2013-06-10 09:46
122-28176-StampPlot-Pro-Install-v7.5.exe17.9 MBMon, 2012-09-24 22:45

Download Version & Details

Version 3 Release 8.5

This version is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8. To use with macros distributed for Process Control:

  • Save the macros to your desktop or My Documents folder, and unzip the archive
  • Run the Macro installer.  It will install your macros to: C:\Program Files (x86)\StampPlotPro_V3\Macro\SIC_PC
  • Run StampPlot.  From the Macro menu, navigate to the desired macro to run it.
  • To communicate with StampPlot, your microcontroller must be using a Virtual Com Port number in the range of 1 to 15.  StampPlot is not compatible with Prolific brand USB to Serial Adapters.

Version 3 Release 7.5

Windows XP. Not compatible with Vista/7/8