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Setup the Propeller 1 Design on a DE0-Nano

Download Summary

Learn how to setup and run the Parallax Propeller 1 Design on your DE0-Nano development board. You can run our Propeller 1 design and experiment with modifications in the Verilog hardware description right on your own workbench! Remember to get the Propeller 1 Design Files as well (see Download Version & Details).

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60056-Setup-the-Propeller-1-Design-on-a-DE0-Nano-v1.2.pdf9.3 MBMon, 2014-08-11 16:50

Download Version & Details

These instructions are for use with the Propeller 1 Design Files.

Version 1.2

Changed download order and updated information to configure Quatus II editor tabs.

Version 1.1

Updated Quartus II installation section for Linux to solve serial port permission problem.

Version 1.0