Gimbal Joystick with Adapter Product Guide

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The Gimbal Joystick with Adapter Product Guide contains device specifications, adapter board assembly instructions, and connection schematics. Demos included for Propeller C and Activity Board, Spin and Propeller Board of Education, and BASIC Stamp Board of Education or HomeWork Board.

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27808-Gimbal-Joystick-w-Adapter-Guide-v1.1.pdf428.58 KBFri, 2013-12-13 11:05
27808-Gimbal-Joystick-w-Adapter-Guide-v1.0.pdf323.01 KBTue, 2013-11-26 15:39

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Version 1.2

Updated example wiring photo.

Version 1.1

Clarified Spin and BASIC Stamp program example instructions.

Version 1.0

Original document.