Expo 2012 BASIC Stamp Activity Slides

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This set of ten PowerPoint slides condenses many of the activities from What's a Microcontroller? Text

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28123-Expo-2012-Slides-WAM-v2.2.zip5.43 MBTue, 2012-09-25 18:20

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Version 2.2

This set of slides were used with the programming station in the Activites tent at the Parallax Expo 2.12.  These slides match the older What's a Microcontroller Version 2.2 text, which uses a cadmium sulfide photoresistor.  Version 3.0 of the text and kits use a phototransistor.  The zip archive includes one BASIC Stamp program, WAM Digital Analog IO.bs2, for a circuit that is not included in the text.