ELEV-8 Flight Controller Product Guide

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Product guides for the ELEV-8 Flight Controller hardware (current version: Rev B, and previous version: Rev A), including features, specifications, functional description, Propeller P8X32A I/O pin assignments, and dimensions.

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80204-ELEV-8-Flight-Controller-v1.2.pdf771.17 KBWed, 2017-01-04 15:25
80204-ELEV-8-Flight-Controller-Guide-v1.1.pdf724.43 KBThu, 2016-01-28 13:56

Download Version & Details

Version 1.2 (current)

For Rev B boards

  • Updated for Rev B.
  • New images, updated board labels, added sections for Accessory Power Header Pads, SRR/DSM Header Pads

Version 1.1

For Rev A boards

  • Updated information on piezospeaker and RF Module Header uses