Arlo Complete Package Insert

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This download is the PDF version of the BOM/Safety Precautions insert that comes in each Arlo Complete Robot System product package.

File NameSizeUpload Date
28966-Arlo-Complete-Robot-System-v1.2.pdf1.05 MBWed, 2018-03-21 11:37
28966-Arlo-Complete-Robot-System-v1.1.pdf99.42 KBWed, 2016-06-01 08:46
28966-Arlo-Complete-Robot-System-v1.0.pdf76.13 KBWed, 2016-06-01 08:46

Download Version & Details

Version 1.2

Updated parts list to reflect kitting change; contents remain the same.

Version 1.1

Power jack (J11) changed from 2.5 mm (Digi-Key PJ-202B) to 2.1 mm. for Arlo Power Distribution Board kits produced beginning May 2016.  Correspondingly, the Arlo Battery Charger – 2.5 mm Plug (#700-00240) is being replaced by the Arlo Battery Charger – 2.1  mm Plug (#700-00245).

Version 1.0

Original release