Professional Development Course

Robotics with BlocklyProp - Naperville, IL

This course is geared toward middle school and high school educators, though all educators middle school through college are invited to apply.

Event Calendar Date Times Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Address for Event NIU Naperville, 1120 E Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563 Register for Event

Robotics with BlocklyProp: ActivityBot 360° & Propeller

This is the most popular Professional Development (PD) offered by Parallax. This course is geared toward middle school and high school educators, though college instructors are also invited to apply. This PD is an engaging one-day STEM Professional Development featuring Blockly graphical programming and the ActivityBot robot.

The ActivityBot 360 combines the very powerful Propeller Multicore Microcontroller with a very simple programming language, BlocklyProp. This combination allows the creation of impressive student projects quickly using fairly easy Blockly code.

 These are the core skills developed in all Parallax PD courses:

  • Starting-from-scratch software and hardware setup, no experience required
  • An introduction to circuit-building on a breadboard using real-world electronic components
  • Beginner-level physical computing and best coding practices
  • Step-by-step subsystem testing and troubleshooting to build engineering skills

Bring your own: Laptop computer running Windows 7/8/8/10 (not RT), Mac OS, or a Chromebook.

Specific Course Content and Learning Objectives

  • Included in the course is an ActivityBot 360 Robot Kit and additional hardware. The ActivityBot will be built and programmed and then we'll move to a project-specific focus. It will include discussion and tips for implementing these topics into your classroom.
  • Program the ActivityBot 360for driving distances and speeds, use sensors for feedback and navigation, and develop an understanding of basic coding practices with BlocklyProp
  • Learning objectives: build and program an ActivityBot; program a microcontroller by writing programs that display messages, remember values, make computations with math operators, and interact with external circuits; and build circuits to apply principles of electronics, including voltage, resistance, current, signal generation, and signal monitoring.
  • Parallax tutorials, standards correlations, and an answer key for educators. We will show you how to apply our Blockly system in semester-long courses with a specific parts kit and syllabus.
  • Have questions about our robots and educational resources? Call the Parallax Educator Hotline at 916-625-6801 or email
Robotics with BlocklyProp - Naperville, IL