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Limited Time Product Offerings

  • By: Parallax Insider Published: 05 November, 2013 2 comments

The hourglass badge is used to mark products that are one-time buy "pilot" products, and also End-Of-Life products that will not be available for sale any longer once quantities run out. If you see this badge  on a product page, know that the product will only available while supplies last, and don’t delay if you want to order one. Like many companies we use our sales data to determine which products stay and which, sadly, have to go.

At Parallax we scour the world for products we think that you, our customers, will like. Sometimes we're correct, and the products we bring in end up being best sellers and a permanent part of our product offering. Unfortunately, not every product ends up being a hit and can get discontinued pretty quickly. If you’ve been a Parallax customer for a while, you may have noticed this ebb and flow of product from outside vendors. We refer to these as Pilot Products. Our initial order is a small quantity, while we try them out to see if they are a good fit for our product lineup.




Is there a list of current Parallax Pilot Products?

Also, it might help to add some mouseover text to the badge (an hourglass? I find that a bit confusing).

Hey all, we removed two off-topic comments on this Insider post that pertained to our new web site, and the dislike for losing purchase history and the overall look and feel. I want to assure you that we're hearing your comments on the web site. Web site changes and redesigns are really tough for a company of any size - we made a major change from the DNN to Drupal, causing an array of complexity related to data importing and field mapping. For this I am truly sorry. Also, we're working on getting some improvements in place: single-sign on is one of them.

I had the same question about Pilot Products. Here's the situation. Inside Parallax we really hate End Of Life (EOL) announcements as much as our customers do. So we need a way to experiment with a small order of a new product, usually one we don't manufacture on our own. Giving us this opportunity to experiment is a value to us because it gives us more freedom to bring in new designs, and for you it's an honest alert that we may not reorder. Many companies wouldn't be that honest with you - they'll act as if everything is permanent, all the time when anybody who designs anything knows this is never the case.

There's no list of Pilot Products, but they'll start appearing soon. I think the current sensor from Adafruit is one example - look for the "Pilot Product" badge on the product page. At the moment you can't see all Pilot Products at once, but when we have enough of them we'll look into coding a web site change to make this possible.

Does all this sound okay for you? We want your feedback on this topic, so do share.

Ken Gracey
Parallax Inc.