Learning is lifelong.

Parallax provides the tools necessary for STEM development at any skill level and for middle school and up. Together, we can help accomplish your goals as an educator or student. Parallax is a leader in education technology, with a legacy of robust hardware and world-class support. We encourage you to equip your genius.

  • Teacher Panel Webinars

    Teacher Panel Webinars

    We're hosting three webinars with panels of educators that use Parallax robots in their classrooms. They'll share their experiences and answer your questions too. Each will be focused on different grade levels: middle school, high school, and college.

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  • Product Preview Webinars

    Product Preview Webinars

    We've got three new product webinars scheduled. Sign up to attend our 45-minute preview webinars and be the first to know about the Animation Kit, the Badge WX, and the cyber:bot robot kit (a collaboration with NICERC).

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  • S3 Robot

    Scribbler 3 (S3) Robot

    Perfect for elementary and up, this robot arrives assembled and pre-programmed. When you’re ready to move on, the S3 is easily programmed in graphical BlocklyProp and even has a hacker port for adding your own accessories.

    Meet the robust and accessible S3 robot.

  • NEW! Class Packs

    Stock Your Classroom with Hardware

    Class Packs provide 12 classroom-ready sets of sensors, accessories, and components to expand lessons. These new class packs work with ActivityBot 360° Robots or Propeller FLiP Try-it Kits and are compatible with BlocklyProp programming.

    And you'll get a great discount too.