Teaching Electronics with micro:bit and Python?

Educator Workshops now enrolling! Add a pre-engineering focus with our latest curriculum that combines circuit-building,  Python scripting, and signal measurement, all with a micro:bit based kit.  Participate in live instruction via Zoom with sample hardware in your hands. Apply now!

Dr. Gavin Garner Talks About Using the Propeller 2 in Mechatronics at University of Virginia

If we could go back to university, we’d take Dr Garner’s Introduction to Mechatronics Class. Steppers, servos, gear motors, closed-loop feedback, sensors and game development are used with the Propeller 2 in his high-energy class! In his opinion “the Propeller 2 is the best microcontroller for mechatronics!”  

Propeller 2 Quick Bytes: 26 Code Examples to Get Started

Quick Bytes cover the P2 programming topics requested by our customers. The examples demonstrate programming tools, smart pin modes (ADC, DAC, serial, PWM), communication protocols (SPI, serial, RF), RGB LEDs, games, and motors. The P2’s parallel processing ability and software-configurable peripherals let these functions can occur on any GPIO!   

Ping))) Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

The most successful sensor ever created by Parallax is often imitated but never duplicated! With it’s single-pin communication, accurate and repeatable measurements, and code compatibility with the LaserPing, this sensor has found its way into numerous projects in education and industry.  

P2 Edge and P2 Edge Breadboard Bundle

Developers of all backgrounds are getting started with the Propeller 2 Multicore Microcontroller. We’ve assembled a bundle of the most popular items you’re purchasing, including the P2 Edge Module, P2 Edge Breakout Breadboard, and PropPlug with cables into a single package at a discount. Consider joining the P2 Live Forums to ask questions and get up to speed!   

Future Innovators Fund

With over $5,000.00 of donations from the community and Parallax, we’ve launched the Future Innovators Fund. We send free hardware to students with potential and interest who are otherwise hindered by socioeconomic circumstances or are simply outpacing what’s available at school. 

BBC micro:bit v2.0: we're taking your school backorders!

Educators are calling to ask if we have these in stock. The answer is no, and yes! They come and go quickly and we fill orders in the sequence they are received.  

Made in the USA in Rocklin, CA

What does it mean to be Made in the USA? The absolute highest quality we can offer, we manufacture the same product for many years, and that we employ American workers in productive positions. An investment in Parallax is an investment in one’s self.



Renovations Underway at Parallax

Yesterday, we had our first walk-in customer in many months. He came in to buy a robot kit for a …

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What’s a Microcontroller? with micro:bit and Python Curriculum Ready for Fall 2021 Class Adoption!

Pre-engineering Curriculum We’ve released the first 100+ web pages of the What’s a Microcontroller? with Python curriculum! This popular series …

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Free Shipping on all 12-Pack Plus Kits through August 20th

Educational customers may now purchase any of our popular 12-pack Plus Kits and receive free shipping today through August 20th, …

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28203 Gripper 3.0 for Parallax Small Robots

Gripper 3.0 Manufacturing Problem – Request Replacement Parts!

https://youtu.be/jPF1fJgh2TE We’re a bit embarrassed! We continually talk about our Made in the USA focus and how our Gripper 3.0 …

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Propeller 1 and 2 in Full Production Status – Ensure your Inventory with a Purchase Order!

First, the P1/P2 are both in full production for as long as the manufacturing process exists, which could be 30+ …

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Building a big robot? The 12V Motor Mount and Wheel Kit is back in Stock!

Back by popular demand for the foreseeable future, this kit is CNC-machined from AL6061 in our Rocklin, California office.  Customers …

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