• cyber:bot cybersecurity tutorials featuring the micro:bit and Python

    cyber:bot & cybersecurity tutorials

    Our growing series of cybersecurity tutorials are supported by the BBC micro:bit, the Parallax cyber:bot robot, and Python programming language. 

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  • S3 Robot

    Web Meetup for Teachers: Practical Guide to Implementing a Robotics Unit with the S3. PLUS save 32% on S3 through August!

    Perfect for elementary and up, the S3 is easily programmed in with visual BlocklyProp. Get insider tips and tricks for teaching with the S3 from experienced S3 educator John Kauffman, and bring your questions!

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  • All Parallax Servos 30% - 50% Off. It's your move.

    All Servos 30% to 50% Off

    Standard.  Continuous Rotation. High Speed  Continuous Rotation.  Feedback 360° High Speed Continuous Rotation, with angular position sensing.

    Whichever servos your project needs, they're on sale now.

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  • Educator Hotline Phone Number Parallax

    Calling All Teachers!

    Take advantage of our Educator Hotline—just for you! Speak directly to a member of our educational team who can answer your ed-tech questions, arrange quotes, discuss Professional Development opportunities, and more.

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