• cyber:bot cybersecurity tutorials featuring the micro:bit and Python

    cyber:bot & cybersecurity tutorials

    Our growing series of cybersecurity tutorials are supported by the BBC micro:bit, the Parallax cyber:bot robot, and Python programming language. 

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  • Propeller 2 Live Forum -  Early Adopter Series (Propeller 2 Evaluation Board close-up of P2 chip) linked to Events calendar

    Propeller 2 Live Forums Early Adopter Series

    This weekly series of live Forum meetings provides an opportunity to learn, lurk, and ask questions in the Propeller 2 working community. Register for any and all topics that interest you!

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  • All Parallax Servos 30% - 50% Off. It's your move.

    All Servos 30% to 50% Off

    Standard.  Continuous Rotation. High Speed  Continuous Rotation.  Feedback 360° High Speed Continuous Rotation, with angular position sensing.

    Whichever servos your project needs, they're on sale now.

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  • Educator Hotline Phone Number Parallax

    Calling All Teachers!

    Take advantage of our Educator Hotline—just for you! Speak directly to a member of our educational team who can answer your ed-tech questions, arrange quotes, discuss Professional Development opportunities, and more.

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