• Edge I/O Adapter compatible with BBC micro:bit

    Edge I/O Adapter + BBC micro:bit GO bundle

    Connect a micro:bit module to a breadboard with this handy adapter. Plug in the battery pack to directly power servos & more!

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  • cyber:bot Tutorials

    Python-Powered Learning with the cyber:bot

    Programming is about so much more than just what you see on the computer screen!

    Our beginner-friendly online tutorials for the cyber:bot Robot take you from the very basics of Python programming, all the way to autonomous robotic navigation in small, easy-to-follow steps. Get started today on Learn!

  • BlocklyProp Solo - visual programming for the Propeller multicore, no login required!

    Visual Propeller programming - no login  required!

    Interlocking blocks introduce programming concepts in a logical way, then peek at the generated C code under the hood. For Propeller multicore robots, kits, and boards.

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  • Educator Hotline Phone Number Parallax

    Calling All Teachers!

    Take advantage of our Educator Hotline—just for you! Speak directly to a member of our educational team who can answer your ed-tech questions, arrange quotes, discuss Professional Development opportunities, and more.

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