• Everything XBee! Save 10% on modules, 20% on adapters.

    Save 10% on XBee modules and 20% on XBee adapters

    Need a Series 1 or 2 connection? Embedded WiFi ?  900 MHz networking? All XBee modules and adapters are on sale through February 26th.

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  • All Parallax Servos 30% - 50% Off thru 2/24/2020

    All Servos 20% to 50% Off

    Standard.  Continuous Rotation. High Speed  Continuous Rotation.  Feedback 360° High Speed Continuous Rotation, with angular position sensing.

    Whichever servos your project needs, they're on sale now through February 24th. (It's your move.)

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  • Sharp GP2A25J0000F Close-range Reflective Sensors and Kit

    Look Sharp Close Up

    Give your projects close-range (1-9 mm) reflective sensing of black and white surface changes with Sharp GP2A25J0000F sensors.   Now available individually, or in a 4-pack with convenient cables & components to interface with your microcontroller.

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  • Go the distance with a variety of laser rangefinders on sale at parallax.com

    Find your ideal rangefinder!

    Shop options with maximum ranges from 2 to 120 meters.  Technologies include laser time-of-flight, LED time-of-flight, and ultrasonic echo time, all easy to integrate with your microcontroller project.

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