For over 16 years Parallax has been committed to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Parallax provides teachers, students, and self-learners the material they need to learn microcontroller and robotics programming. A variety of educational texts and kits have been designed for hands-on learning, starting from circuit design and continuing to advanced robotics. Schools around the world use parallax tools and hardware.

How Parallax Education is Different

  • Low Cost - For under $200 learners can get started with their own robots
  • Beginner-friendly - No programming experience needed.
  • Open platforms - Exposed circuitry allows you to learn and create your own electronic circuits.
  • Solder-free - Experiment with custom circuits on breadboards (no special-brand connectors).
  • Texts & Tutorials - Texts and tutorials on Learn.Parallax.com provide easy to follow tutorials.
  • Programming - PBASIC and C for Propeller are easy to learn and introduce concepts found in most programming languages.
  • Expandable Platforms - Allows for add-on sensors, autonomous navigation, and hardware expansion kits.
  • Trainings - Parallax educator trainings based on our kits take place around the world.
  • Elementary to University Level - Customize activities and difficulty level. Pick the right hardware for your level.
  • Custom Kits - Combine our parts and make a special kit just for your students to purchase on our site.
  • Educator Discounts* - Educators are eligible to receive 15% off all purchases.
  • Samples* - Educators can request samples of our educational products.
  • Forums - A public education forum as well as a private forum just for educators - includes solution sets & presentations. To gain access to our private educator forum, email education@parallax.com.

*For 15% educator discount on a purchase, simply send a school purchase order to sales@parallax.com. To use a district-issued purchase card, write "call for card" on the P.O. For samples or Educators-only forum access, email mktg@parallax.com with (name, job title, subject/course, grade level, school name and address, phone, email). Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount or special price and are deducted from the quantity 1 price. If a higher posted quantity discount applies for specific products, it will be given. Custom Kits excluded.

BASIC Stamp Education

Circuit building, PBASIC programming and robotics with the BASIC Stamp

Multi-Core Education

Propeller C Comprehensive Learning System with circuit building, programming, and robotics

Tutorials on Learn

Teacher Resources, Tutorials, Applications, Testimonials, Contests

Language Translations

Find microcontroller texts and guides translated in many languages

Educator Training Classes

Attend a class and learn about teaching with the BASIC Stamp and Propeller microcontrollers

Email: Education@parallax.com