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Tilt the board to see the lights blink and hear the tones play! This little project kit is the perfect way to get started with multicore C programming and the Propeller Activity Board. The Propeller Tilt Tones project combines motion, lights and sound with just a few simple circuits to build on the Activity Board's solderless breadboard.  Depending on which way you tilt the board, the 4-directional Tilt Sensor selects an LED to blink and a note to play on the piezo speaker. The Propeller C Tutorials and Tilt Tones project instructions guide you step-by-step through building and programming.  Just follow the link below under Additional Resources.

Key Features:

  • Build a fun, motion-controlled project with lights and sound
  • Learn to program the multicore Propeller microcontroller
  • All the components for the breadboard circuits are included


  • A USB A to Mini-B cable is needed to program the Propeller Activity Board (sold separately, #805-00006).
  • Program the Propeller Activity Board with the free SimpleIDE software for Windows or Mac.
  • Your Propeller Activity Board can be powered directly from your computer's USB port. We recommend the 5-AA Battery Holder with Barrel Jack (#753-00007) as an external power source if you would like to make your project portable.


Power requirements: 5 V from USB port, or 6-9 VDC power supply with 2.1 mm center-positive barrel jack

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Propeller Activity Board (#32910)
  • (1) 4 - Directional Tilt Sensor (#28036)
  • (1) LED-Green-T1 3/4 (#350-00001)
  • (2) LED-Red - T1 3/4 (#350-00006)
  • (1) LED-Yellow Diff-T1 3/4 (#350-00007)
  • (4) Resistor, 220 ohm (#150-02210)
  • (1) Piezo Speaker (#900-00001)
  • (1) 3" Jumper Wires (1 bag of 10)

Downloads & Documentation

Download Details More Info
Propeller Activity Board Guide - 483.79 KB | updated: 01 May 2013 - 2:00 pm
Tilt Sensor Documentation - 103.93 KB | updated: 21 Sep 2012 - 12:43 pm

Additional Resources

Propeller Tilt Tones Project (Learn.Parallax)