68" 3-Wire F/F Extension Cable

  • 805-00013: 68-inch 3-wire F/F Extension Cable
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Product ID 805-00013


This 68-inch long cable has connects power, ground, and data from a 3-pin device to a control board.  It is especially useful for products that need to be connected a considerable distance from the control board, such as GPS sensors or proximity sensors.

This long 3-wire extension cable has 3-pin female 0.1" spaced connectors on both ends. This cable connects devices such as servos, serial LCDs, GPS modules, and any other sensors, modules, or boards with 3-pin header.

Key Features:

  • 68 inches long (173 cm)
  • Black, Red, White colored wire insulation
  • 22 AWG stranded wire
  • 3-pin single-row female connectors with 0.1" spacing on each end



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