ELEV-8 Airframe & Hardware Kit

  • 80090: ELEV-8 Quadcopter Airframe & Hardware Kit Disassembled
  • 80090 Airframe & Hardware Kit Assembled
  • 80090 Airframe & Hardware Kit Side View
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Product ID 80090


Note: This kit is discontinued but most ELEV-8 parts are available individually or in sub-kits here

This kit is based on the ELEV-8 Flying Robotic Platform.  The kit is intended to give you the ability to utilize the electronic components of your choosing, while beginning with a high quality airframe as your foundation.  This kit requires a control board, ESC's, motors and the wiring.

Key Features:

  • Open underbody for camera systems  
  • Design files available online  
  • Common 4-40 Hardware  
  • Modular frame makes for fast repairs  
  • Protective motor mounts
  • 4 - Anodized 6061 5/8" - .035 aluminum round tube
  • Dimensions:
    • Diagonal Motor Center to Centere Length: 26" (660 mm)
    • Main Body Frame: 7" (L) X 7" (W) X  7" (H) (177 mm X 177 mm X 177 mm)

Application Ideas:

  • Do-it-Yourself Quadcopter
  • Customized Robotic Platform



Kit Contents:

  • ELEV-8 Airframe Kit (#80050)
  • ELEV-8 Hardware Kit (#80060)

Note: R/C experince is highly recommended.  Ensure use of equally-rated components in the assembly of your aircraft.