LED Party Pack

  • LED Party Pack
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It's a little-known fact in electronics: whenever 20 or more LEDs gather, a party ensues. It's just at a subatomic level, so you may not be able to see it.

The LED Party Pack contains the most popular LEDs used in our educational component packs. Each pack contains twenty T1 3/4 LEDs, five each in red, green, yellow and bi-color (red/green). So whether you're a teacher looking to replenish classroom parts or just looking to start a party of your own, the LED Party Pack is a must-have.

And for smaller LEDs that fit neatly in a single breadboard row, check out our rectangular LED 10-packs (see bottom of the page).


Kit Contents:

  • (5)  - Green T1 3/4 LEDs (#350-00001)
  • (5)  - Bi-Color T1 3/4 LEDs (#350-00005)
  • (5)  - Red T1 3/4 LEDs (#350-00006)
  • (5)  - Yellow T1 3/4 LEDs (350-00007)