5 Volt 550 mA USB Power Supply

  • 750-00006: 5 Volt 550 mA USB Power Supply USB View
  • 750-00006: 5 Volt 550 mA USB Power Supply
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The 5 Volt 550 mA USB Power Supply provides power to USB devices that support the USB Battery Charging Specification.  The power supply works with most Parallax products that use the FT231X USB to serial converter.  It also works with the P8X32A QuickStart Board Rev A when the /USB_Power_Enable line is driven low.

Connect devices to the USB power supply the same way they would connect to a USB port on a computer; connect the 'A' end of a USB A to mini B to the power supply, and connect the 'Mini B' end to a device in need of power.  If the device supports the USB Battery Charging Specification, it will detect the supply and power on.  The power supply can provide 550 mA of power at 5 VDC, 10% more than the highest current that a USB 2.0 port supplies.

Key Features:

  • Provides power to compatible products without using a computer
  • Can deliver more current than the maximum a USB 2.0 port supplies

  • Allows for product designs that use a single connection for both data and power

Notes: Some USB devices are not compliant with the USB Battery Charging Specification and therefore may not work with this power supply.
 Does not include a USB cable.  A USB A to Micro B cable (#805-00006), is recommended for use with compatible Parallax products.


  • Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz, 100 mA

  • Output: 5 VDC, 550 mA