Scribbler 2 Robot Badge - Learn to Solder Kit

  • 28236: Scribbler 2 (S2) Learn-to-Solder Robot Badge Kit
  • 28236: Scribbler 2 (S2) Learn-to-Solder Robot Badge Kit Alternate View
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The Scribbler 2 Robot Badge Kit introduces soldering and DIY assembly to young people and adults who are new to electronics. After completion of this easy to assemble kit, you will have a miniature replica of Parallax’s Scribbler 2 Robot (S2). 

This a great DIY Kit if you're just learning how to solder, and are new to electronic assembly techniques.  However, even if you're a seasoned "DIY Veteran", this kit is fun to make.

After you've completed assembly, simply push the button to switch through all 7 LED colors!

The S2 Badge comes complete with PCB, all PCB mounted components, as well as a lanyard and battery. 

Key Features:

  • Complete DIY kit with all necessary components - just provide your own soldering iron and solder to assemble  
  • Battery is easily replaced for long life of the badge
  • Only a few components to solder, which is a great way to learn
  • "Smart" LED simplifies assembly with it's integrated controller

Application Ideas:

  • Necklace/pendant
  • Make robot earrings out of two assembled kits
  • Hostin a "Learn How to Solder" party for friends or classmates
  • Techie “mood” badge or medallion
  • Graduation award for completion of an Scribbler 2 Robot class
  • Holiday ornament


  • Requires only "basic" electronic assembly techniques
  • Seven-color “smart” LED with integrated controller
  • Tactile pushbutton switch
  • CR2032 lithium coin cell and holder
  • Snap-on wheels
  • Lanyard with snap
  • Multipurpose lead bender, punch, and battery-removal too
  • Dimensions: 1.5 in (38mm) diameter
  • CR2032 battery included

Downloads & Documentation

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Scribbler 2 Badge Kit Instructions - 6.43 MB | updated: 20 Sep 2012 - 3:50 pm