Understanding Signals with the PropScope Text

  • 122-32225: Understanding Signals with the PropScope Text
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This 350+ page Stamps in Class tutorial designed for the PropScope USB Oscilloscope guides you step-by-step from the basics through advanced electronic measurements techniques.

All the circuits and design technique examples measured in the book are standard ingredients in electronic product designs, and are also widely used in science and industry. This kit is an excellent resource that can be applied in many ways to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) programs. It begins with an overview of the PropScope’s electronic test-bench tools: DC voltmeter, oscilloscope, logic and spectrum analyzers, and function generator.

The lessons are designed so that a beginner can succeed in the classroom or through independent study. In the hands-on Human-Speed Measurements chapter, the student builds and interacts with circuits for turning dials, pressing buttons, and blinking lights. The cause-and-effect relationship between the physical action and the changing signal is experienced by direct observation as well as by measurements with the PropScope’s tools. This helps make new concepts easier to grasp, and better prepares the student for the “high-speed” electronics topics that follow.

Key Features:

  • DC voltages and currents
  • "Human-speed" measurements
  • Pulses for control and synthesizing signals
  • Microcontroller/integrated circuit communication
  • Microcontroller/PC communication
  • Sine waves in signals, and how filters and amplifiers affect them
  • RC circuit responses, sensor measurements, and simple filters
  • BASIC amplifier building blocks


  • Publisher: Parallax Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781928982548
  • Dimensions: 7.5 X 8.5 in (19 x 26 cm)
  • Plastic spiral binding /~350 pages/ Black & White


  • A Board of Education or a BASIC Stamp HomeWork Board is required, sold separately.
  • The book can also be purchased with the Parts & Text Kit, which includes the PropScope and all the electronic components needed to perform the experiments: resistors, capacitors, LEDs, pushbuttons, infrared receiver, phototransistor, potentiometer, piezospeakers, and op-amp and A/D converter ICs.

Downloads & Documentation

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