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  • 122-28176: Process Control Text Book
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Virtually everything you use or consume has undergone some type of automated process in its production. With the activities in Process Control, you can build your own A/D converter, light sensor, tachometer, and incubator control systems to learn these principles hands-on.

Throughout the activities, the powerful StampPlot Pro graphical software interfaces provide monitoring, interactive control, and logging to help you analyze your data.

Key Features:

  • Flowcharting
  • Mechanical and digital switching
  • Open and closed loop systems
  • Control methods including on-off, differential gap, and PID
  • Managing error, spurious signals and bounce
  • Transistor and Operation Amplifier principles
  • High-voltage/Current interfacing and PWM


  • Publisher: Parallax Inc
  • ISBN: 1-928982-36-0
  • Note: Process Control by Martin Hebel replaces his earlier book Industrial Control in the Stamps in Class Series.

Note: A PC and Board of Education Full Kit are required to use this product. The necessary StampPlot Pro, Macros, and BS2 source code can be downloaded below.

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